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Bringing the theatre home

Has the box TV finally met its demise? Are you looking to upgrade the man cave before the season starts? In any occasion, Code 3 Alarm Systems Inc. can help you get that home theatre up and going.


At Code 3 Alarm Systems Inc. we can install all of your home theatre and audio needs. From furniture to surround sound we have you covered. Our team can install music throughout your entire house, big screen TV’s, HDTV, satellite TV, projectors, and so much more.


Don’t wait another day! Let us help you get that theatre set for Friday night, date night and more. You worry about the popcorn, we’ll take care of everything else.


To receive additional information regarding any of our services or products, contact:


Code 3 Alarm Systems Inc.

8028 John T White

Fort Worth, TX 76120

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You bought it, now what?

Initial installation

You have absolutely nothing to worry about with the expert installers of Code 3 Alarm Systems Inc. After deciding on your best option for optimal performance, they will get right to work. No detail will be overlooked, no mess, no confusion, just fun when we're done.


Don’t worry, you’ll get it

The final part of our job after installation is bringing you up-to-date on how all of this works. As simple as modern technology is, it can be confusing. Take comfort in the fact that our technician will not leave until you understand your new system. Ask all the questions you wish!


Superior customer service

If at any time you have any concern or question regarding installation or the service we've provided, please do not hesitate to call. At Code 3 Alarm Systems Inc. we take pride in the relationship we’ve created and want you to know that we value it even after the job is done.

We provide high quality alarm systems, components and workmanship for years of trouble free operation, guaranteed!